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NZ Map removable Poster

NZ Map removable Poster

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An Art print that you can stick straight to your wall! No frames and no fuss.

Simply peel and stick on to your wall - use a level to make sure its straight -you can also use the level on your iphone.

Can be removed and repositioned as required. Made from our High quality durable fabric wall sticker .

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Fabric Wall Stickers

These are made out of famous re-positionable woven fabric which means they are harder to tear, re-positionable and more durable. The glue used is completely removable and sticks to many surfaces - including most wallpapers.

If you keep the backing sheets for these you can peel these off your wall and put back on the sheet in order to move rooms/house.

Frequently asked questions

Whats the difference between our 'Vinyl' stickers and 'Fabric' Wall stickers?

Our range has 2 core products. The vinyl stickers come in 26 predetermined colourways and will always be an outline or shape. They are removable but wont always be repositionable/ reusable.

The Fabric range is a unique canvas like product with a removable glue on the back. Its very sturdy and you can peel and restick these as long as they dont get covered in dust and hair. We print on the fabric - which means the designs we choose for this are typically Illustrations or multiple colours of our choice.

Are our Wall Stickers removable?

Yes. This is essentially how we started our business. We have a background in signwriting and we witnessed other companies using high tack products and we hated the idea of peoples wall being destroyed. So we set out to find a better solution - which meant we were the first in NZ to import and dedicated wall sticker product.

We do have to acknowledge however that if your wall hasnt been painted and primed correctly it can sometimes cause an issue.

How many packets will I need for a standard size wall?

All of our packets of wall stickers contain a generous amount to cover any standard size wall, depending on the look you would like to achieve.

Most of the time two packs is enough for a full wall - but it depends on how much space you place between the stickers.

Tips & Tricks

Not sure how to get your patterns even or your lines straight? Take a look at out tips and tricks page.

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