Tips & Tricks

We often get asked what the best way is to apply wall stickers, so here we share some clever tips and tricks for applying them. Whether you want to create a geometric pattern, perfectly spaced stickers or straight lines you will find some handy hints below. 
Tip #1: Creating a geometric pattern with wall stickers 
Using a square piece of card that is cut to the right size for your ideal wall sticker spacing, you can create a perfectly balanced pattern with your new wall stickers. Simply place a wall sticker at each point of the card. For the best results start your pattern in the corner of your wall and and work out from there. You can also check that things are straight by using a spirit level. 
Tip #2: Creating a geometric diamonds pattern with wall stickers
You can also achieve a perfectly spaced design using a diamond pattern for your new wall stickers. Simply turn a square piece of card so that a corner points to the ceiling and apply the wall stickers at each point.  
Tip #3: Acheiving perfectly straight lines
Here we use some painter's masking tape and apply it to the wall, using a spirit level to check it is straight. Once you decide how far apart you want your wall stickers simply take a ruler and mark the tape with a pencil where you would like the next one to be. To acheive the look below, when you create your next line you just place the wall sticker in the centre of the ones above and below as shown here.