Wall Decals FAQs

Using and Applying the Wall Decals

How do I apply the wall stickers?

We have a couple of options with our wall stickers. For our fabric and solid shape shape stickers, applying the wall stickers is easy and fun – you simply peel off the sticker, position it on your wall and smooth it over to make sure that it is perfectly flat against your wall.

Some of our more original designs are using a slightly different process. If your stickers have a clear film over them, then follow these instructions:

1. First put the sheet on a flat surface and smooth your hand over the whole sheet with a bit of pressure.

2. Its likely you will want to cut up the sheet- so you can scatter the designs over the wall, so get cutting.

3. Peel back the top clear layer of the stickers, making sure the sticker comes off the backing paper too

4. Pop the stickers on the wall - you can gently place them on the wall if you want to check your layout, step back and move if needed. 

5. Once you are happy with the layout - get your credit card out and smooth over the sticker on the wall and pushing down

6. Peel the sticker down from a corner, go slowly and you should see the sticker stay on the wall as you peel off the top layer. If it doesnt - dont freak out just push it down onto the wall and it will slowly happen.

7. Do the same for all the bits and you will be left with just the outline sticker design that looks almost like a wallpaper.

How many packets will I need for a standard size wall?
All of our packets of wall stickers contain a generous amount to cover any standard size wall, depending on the look you would like to achieve.

Most of the time two packs is enough for a full wall - but it depends on how much space you place between the stickers.

How do I create straight line designs with the wall decals?
If you want to get creative and make a straight line of wall stickers the best way to achieve this is to use painters’ masking tape first to mark out where the stickers should be positioned on your wall. Check out our Tips & Tricks page for more advice! 

Can I use the wall stickers on other surfaces?
Yes the wall stickers are also suitable for use on mirrors, windows, chalk boards, cupboards – most man-made household surfaces. We cant promise they will stick to ceilings however, as often ceiling paint is quite different to wall paint. Our fabric range are the best option for wallpaper walls.

Removing and Repositioning the Wall Decals

Are the wall stickers fully removable?
Yes 99% of the time the stickers will easily and cleanly remove from your wall.

Will the wall stickers damage my wall?
In cases where the wall has not been primed or painted properly there could be some minor damage to the paint surface. We also suggest waiting 3-4 weeks after paint has been freshly painted as there is a paint degassing process that needs to happen. Our range of wall stickers use the very best vinyl product available on the market to minimise any damage to walls. 

Are the wall decals easy to reposition?
It is possible to remove and reposition the wall stickers. The outline only stickers are not so easy to reposition, but the fabric and solid range certainly are.

The new range of wall stickers are easier to reposition as they are made with a fabric weave vinyl which makes it easy to smooth out any creases and bubbles. The glue contains a special bond which allows you to reuse the wall sticker once it has been removed from a wall.

How long should I keep the stickers on my wall?
You can keep the wall stickers on your wall for as long as you like however it is best to remove the stickers after a couple of years to prevent sunlight changes to your wall surfaces.

Our Product Range and Colours

What are the stickers made with?
The wall stickers are made from a reputable vinyl which is designed for interior use. 

How many wall stickers are there in each pack? 
There are a different number of wall stickers in each packet, depending on the size and design of the product. Each packet contains enough stickers to cover a standard size wall. 

What’s the difference between mini, small and large packets?
This relates to the size of each of the wall stickers. The mini packets contain the smallest size of wall sticker and there are more of them.

Is there a way to check colours?
Check out our colour chart for all of our colour options. If you have any questions please ask us and we will be happy to help! Please keep in mind that computer and phone screens will always show our images differently to reality - so some colours may be different in real life.

Is the finish on the Copper, Gold and Silver options metallic or matte?
 The Copper, Gold and Silver options are a metallic, matte finish. This image below shows the sheen and bounce of the light on the stickers.


Do we wholesale?
Yes we wholesale worldwide.Please email us on onehundredpercentheart@gmail.com to discuss.

Are the wall stickers used by interior designers?
Yes our products are used and specified by interior designers as they are an easy and creative way to design a new look for any room. If you are an interior designer please contact us for a discounted rate.

Read our Clever Tips and Tricks for applying Wall Stickers.