Wall Decals Info

Our wall decals are very easy to apply, simply peel off and stick on to your wall.  Some of the designs ( like the animals ) can have thinner parts to them so they may require a little bit more effort to apply – don’t worry we think its probably only about 5 % more effort . Its advisable to start from the top of the sticker and rub down to avoid creases – you can use your hand or a credit card if you fancy.


Make sure the surface you are applying to is smooth, dry and free from dust and dirt.


If you have a specific pattern you want to stick to it might be a good idea to plan that out in pencil before putting the stickers on. The wall stickers are repositionable but the more you move them the less sticky they will become.


We suggest sticking them lightly to the wall at first – then once you are happy with your placement go around and rub them on a little bit firmer to keep them happy.


We have spent a lot of time sourcing a specialist wall art product – this means its designed to be used on indoor walls and therefore has less tack that the average vinyl.


We are satisfied we have done everything possible to produce a product that isn’t going to harm your walls. However since we don’t know how every single wall has been created we cant slap a 100% guarantee on it. If you are concerned about your walls – try sticking one on and leaving overnight. Failing that you can always put on ceramic, glass or metal surfaces instead.


Things to remember:

Your surface needs to be clean and dry

There is a small chance the stickers may not stick to some matt paints – we haven’t had a problem yet but just in case.

Always store the stickers in a cool dry place before application.

Most of all we hope you have a bundle of fun.